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Windows 10 Fall Creators更新報告的問題和問題

Windows 10 Fall Creators更新報告的問題和問題

Geoffrey Carr

將PC升級到Windows 10週年更新,Windows 10 Creators更新或Windows 10 Fall Creators Update的一些用戶報告了各種隨機問題。實際的數字可能非常小,但我們在下面列出了一些可以在我們的評論中找到的以及Reddit和Microsoft Answers論壇。

升級到更新版本後的Windows 10問題

首先,雖然我的升級體驗順利進行,但我在Windows 10 Pro戴爾筆記本電腦上遇到了兩個問題:

  1. 升級後我沒有上網功能
  2. “開始”菜單中缺少“我的電源選項”。



Guys don’t download this yet, it’s still not stable enough to be reliable. Since last night I have two BSODs (stop code: reference by pointer), sometimes touchpad buttons don’t work, start menu does not show all some programs(dell audio in my case, drivers, and software for it are installed), Cortana is buggy as hell.


My zte ac 2766CDMA USB modem not working after I updated to Windows 10 creaters update it is giving error 633 please help me it is only Internet connection I have.


Windows seem to forget how to manage memory because after installing the update the computer froze after rebooting the computer and monitoring the processes I saw memory was full ran a diagnostic reported the sticks were fine. Love the new update hate the bugs I had to rollback because.


I recently updated to version 1703. DTS Connect not working anymore. Realtek HD Audio (ALC1150). I already tried to reinstall the realtek driver.


Mouse won’t work in lower-resolution fullscreen applications. I always see a cursor before the application is launched and can actually move it for first 1-2 seconds and then it stops responding. Mouse buttons works, but not the movement. My PC won’t shut down. The restart button is working fine, but after I click the shutdown button, it says Shutting Down and after that, I have a black screen but my PC is still on.


Creators Update error 0x80070070 not enough disc space I have over 182gb open.


…With CU, when choosing that parent folder, only one pic is displayed on background and it never changes. With CU, I seem to have to pick a child folder and only pics from that folder are displayed – they do change through that folder.


When I downloaded the creators update the hub in edge no longer works. I cant save to favorites or see my favorites If I click on the hub it freezes edge and the only thing I can do is to x out of it.

Paul Streeting說:

Odd part some will find is a whiteout in the start menu for ‘Wireless Display Media Adapter’ for those lucky enough to have one but if you don’t it stays empty aside from a white square…


Hi there, running build 15063.11 as of yesterday, and noticed that a few of my Startup shortcuts did not run successfully from C: Users USERNAME AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Start Menu Programs Startup nor via Services (using nssm tool). I made sure every shortcut and underlying app is configured to be run as Admin, more-so, I played around with the Services authorization (using local admin vs System, etc), all to no avail.


Windows 10 absolutely will not detect my Bluetooth headphones.


I have updated my Windows 10 to the latest version. After update I can’t see any text in explorer (no folder and file names), only icons are shown. The same problem is with old Control Panel. On the other hand, the new settings menu is working as well as menu start. I’ve tried restarting, changed english from polish to english and back to polish. I have also created new account, but there is the same problem. How to fix it? It is really annoying.


I installed the Creators Update with the Windows Upgrade tool. The installation process did go through flawlessly. However, after the installation all my programs went missing from the Start Menu with the exceptions of the “stock” apps and those apps I installed from the MS store.


I just installed the windows 10 Creators update with the upgrade assistant tool because I was eager to get it. After that, when I open up my apps, they close right after I open them. Any way to fix this?

微軟建議他回滾並卸載Windows 10 v1703。



  • Realtek HD Audio驅動程序無法使用Windows 10 v1703
  • 用戶報告創建者更新後顯示錯誤的應用程序圖標
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