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來自提示框:MS Word中的移動字母案例,Windows 7 64位下的程序兼容性和基於Easy Phone的基於Torrenting的功能

來自提示框:MS Word中的移動字母案例,Windows 7 64位下的程序兼容性和基於Easy Phone的基於Torrenting的功能

Geoffrey Carr

是時候深入研究提示框,並從豐富的讀者知識中分享。今天我們正在尋找一種簡單的方法來改變MS Word中的字母大小寫,解決Windows 7 64位下的兼容性問題,並通過智能手機控制你的種子。

快速轉換MS Word中的Letter Case

How-To Geek讀者Tony有一個很好的節省時間的快捷方式:

My favorite shortcut is Shift+F3 in Microsoft Word. You can use it to change the case of the highlighted text from all caps to all lower case and then to just the first letter of the first word of each sentence in capital letters.


改進Windows 7 64位中的向後兼容性

如果您遇到在Windows 7 64位下運行的舊版應用程序的問題,Kenny可以快速修復:

If you have a program from, say, Windows XP that isn’t working in Windows 7 64-bit you’ll likely be able to fix the problem with this quick tweak. Click on the Start Menu and type “Action Center” in the run box. Hit enter to load the Action Center and then click on the Program Compatibility link in the lower left corner. There Windows will ask you what isn’t working correctly and list programs that have compatibility issues. You can then pick which pervious OS you want to emulate. That should do it!

這是徹底排除故障的好方法,值得注意的是,您可以右鍵單擊各個可執行文件,並在“屬性” - >“兼容性”菜單下選擇向後兼容性。


我們已經向您展示瞭如何使用Dropbox從任何地方觸發Torrent下載,但是有些人喜歡與他們的下載隊列進行更密切的交互。 HTG讀者Gary強調官方但uTorrent遠程應用程序:

You’ll need to grab the most current alpha release to take full advantage of the remote software but it’s totally worth it.

Visit to set up web access then download the remote app from the Android Market or iTunes.

You’ll be able to completely control your client and, best of all, unlike the Dropbox method you can add torrent files from your Android phone.


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