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從提示框:DIY Styluses,將舊光盤回收到遊戲中,以及為Kindle Screensavers搜索Flickr

從提示框:DIY Styluses,將舊光盤回收到遊戲中,以及為Kindle Screensavers搜索Flickr

Geoffrey Carr




I’ve been messing around with creating my own DIY stylus for my tablet over the last couple weeks. While there are all kinds of specific builds you can find online, it was this video that got me started in terms of thinking about the capacitive abilities of items around my office. DIY-4-Life!




During an audit at work we discovered a veritable warehouse of old CDS and DVDS that, at some point in the dim technological past, my company had been archiving data on to have hard copies on hand. Don’t ask me why this was every a standard practice as oppose to off-site and disk-based backup. We’re in the process of finding a sane and economical way to dispose of our disc hoard, but in the mean time we’ve been having a lot of fun around the office coming up with ways to put all these discs to good use. So far the most fun came to us courtesy of an internet search that yielded this video showing two guys recycling a bunch of discs into an “air” hockey table. There’s no actual air pushing out or anything but the slick surface of the discs and the gaps in between them actually make for a pretty fast moving disc. We turned the entire table in the conference room into a big CD “air” hockey table. Even if we never find a data disposal specialist that will take all these discs we’ll slowly destroy them ourselves!

我們從來沒有因為沒有老式光盤老化的錠子而感到失望 - 看起來很有趣!

在Flickr上找到Kindle Screensavers


I loved your tutorial on jailbreaking your Kindle to add screensavers. I’ve since been on the hunt for tons of new ones. In the course of searching I found that you could use third-party tools to effectively mine Flickr for backgrounds. It’s just one more technique to add to the ones listed in your guide!


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