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Geoffrey Carr


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My laptop is nine months old and I use the laptop’s battery power sparingly since I have it connected to a power outlet most of the time. This problem just started four days ago and, as of this post, my laptop is only running on outlet power, so there is no question about the battery wearing out.

Every night the battery is fully charged at 100 percent, yet the next morning it shows a “3 Hours 18 Minutes Until the Battery is Fully Charged” message when I turn it on.

I had tried running the Dell eSPA Diagnostics, but was unable to access it on Windows 10 (at that time). When I asked about the problem in the Dell community forums, their response was to use the online diagnostic scan. The online diagnostic scan would not complete when I tried it (it failed after one hour).

After a round of fresh updates for my Windows 10 system, I was finally able to get the ePSA Diagnostic Scan to work and it passed. The thermal information for the CPU Thermistor was 52 degrees Celsius, but things did not fully shut down even after a complete turn-off. I just learned this recently when my laptop bag was hot and when I removed the laptop from the bag, it was showing a yellow status light for the battery (even after doing a complete shut down).



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Batteries can and do fail for all kinds of reasons. The most likely explanation here is that your battery has developed a weak cell. This can happen even with relatively new batteries after very little use, particularly if the laptop’s configuration is such that the battery is kept warm by the rest of the laptop.

The only practical cure is to replace the battery. Since your laptop is only nine months old, it may be covered by warranty.

It is possible that the charge management hardware for your laptop is at fault. This would clearly be a warranty issue as well. In any case, the only way to really diagnose it is to try a different battery. Sorry about that, but it happens.


你也可以生成一個 電池健康報告 使用我們文章中的說明:

如何在Windows 8或Windows 10上生成電池運行狀況報告

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