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Geoffrey Carr


Dear How-To Geek,

I have a really annoying situation on my hands. Last month I rebooted my computer and upon reboot this box popped up asking me if I wanted to configure Google+ Auto Backup. My only options were to switch accounts or get started configuring it, so I closed it… only to have it pop right back up the next day when I started my computer. After that I noticed that the window popped up every single time I plugged in my phone or any other removable media.

I can’t figure out where the app came from as I definitely didn’t install it. I don’t like Google+, and I certainly don’t want to upload my photos to Google (although I do really like their photo organizer, Picasa).

Worse yet, I uninstalled the program using the “Uninstall or change a program” section in the Windows Control Panel and a few weeks later the app was back at it, annoying me with popups. This seems like such curious behavior for a Google application and something I’d expect from a scuzzy malware company. What gives? How do I get rid of this thing?


Popup Annoyed


您的電子郵件中的線索提示我們您的問題來源是您對Picasa的喜愛。 Google現在在Picasa下載中都包含Google+自動備份應用程序 Picasa更新。正如您所發現的那樣,這意味著即使您下次Picasa更新時卸載了實際的備份應用程序,也會重新安裝它。我們同意你(以及其他所有人)的意見,這種持久的安裝過程是以另一個應用程序的安裝過程為幌子的。

阻止此操作的唯一方法是再次卸載應用程序,然後在Picasa中禁用自動更新功能。為此,請運行Picasa並導航到“工具” - >“選項”。